Computational thinking is a combination of thinking skills that provide a powerful form of problem solving in such a way that a computer or machine can effectively understand and evaluate. It is a way of thinking that is critical in the 21st century.

The Bebras Challenge introduces computational thinking to students. It is organized in over 30 countries and designed to encourage students all over the world excited about computing.

I find Bebras a great challenge for our kids and find it helps to promote computational thinking with our teachers and students. With the new Australian digital technologies curriculum now endorsed from next year it is a great resource.

Tony Hal, William Carey Christian School, NSW

“… the computer science Beaver at our school has not only worked smoothly, but also all participants had a lot of fun. Even the previously skeptical colleagues are enthusiastic. We look forward to the competition next year and hope to continue our participation and be able to expand. Thanks for the good support and organization from you and your team. ”

Irmgardis-Gymnasium Köln -

“A big compliment from my colleagues and me to this year’s computer science Beaver. Really all involved EMA teachers loved the tasks and the implementation of the competition. Also, comments by students speak for the competition. And. This is across all age groups, a special feature of the beaver. So, keep it up, we look forward to next year! ”

Ernst-Moritz-Arndt-Gymnasium Bonn (EMA)